5 Benefits from Children Practicing Yoga


Have you heard? Greville Henwood, the founder of GroovyKids™ Yoga, is coming back to Village Yoga this August!

GroovyKids™ Yoga allows us to release expectations and judgments, allowing kids to find their inner grooviness and grow from there. Below are five benefits of children practicing yoga, and what better way to serve our future generations, than learning how to teach these children to grow from within?

  • Learning to breathe: Breathing is a natural/involuntary process of inhaling fresh oxygen into the body and exhaling carbon dioxide out into the world. Not much to it, really.  But learning to connect and even control the breath (or pranayama) children are able to bring more attention and awareness to the present moment. Allowing their awareness to come to their breath, children may find a sense of relaxation and even lower stress levels in today’s society.
  • Finding their true self: Children today seem to be under more pressure than ever in an, unfortunately, judgmental world. They are often forced to grow up fast and sometimes miss out on the joys of being a kid.  Yes, it’s great to learn responsibility, but kids deserve to be kids!  Practicing yoga through the GroovyKids™ Yoga program, children are encouraged to be themselves and learn to accept that they are unique in every way.  This allows them to hopefully grow from a place of non-judgment and tune into their true self!
  • Balancing strength and ease: Yoga is such an amazing practice, it’s about learning to release what no longer serves you, allowing yourself to be fully present, and finding the balance of strength and ease.  Through yoga asana, children are encouraged to find strength at the same time as finding softness.  Understanding this on their yoga mat can help them take this concept out into the world; learning that you can be strong and stand up for what you believe in while still finding the light of the situation.
  • Growing strong and flexible: Children are constantly on the grow… with regular yoga practice, their bodies are able to grow strong by putting healthy pressure on their bones and joints as well as staying flexible to prevent injury later on in life.
  • Body awareness and learning to let go: Yoga allows kids to become present with themselves, physically and mentally.  This may bring a sense of relief to the constant “go, go, go” that is the reality of today.  By cultivating breath awareness, they are able to turn inwards and in turn find relaxation and even meditation.

Join Greville, as he leads his second GroovyKids™ Teacher Training at Village Yoga, on August 6th, 2016! Click here for more information.


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written by: Charlee Ulmer