Meet Our Community – Erin Price

When Erin joined our team in January of 2015 we were thrilled. Her love for our Kunga family is authentic and deep, and her teaching supports our vision of people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds practicing yoga together. Erin completed the first 200-hour Kunga Yoga Lifestyle & Yoga Teacher Training Outer Banks Immersion in September of 2014. Since then her background in occupational therapy has supported her as she keeps growing her strong teaching skills. She works with Village Yoga at the Outer Banks Hospital Cancer Resource Center teaching chair yoga, and also loves to jam out in her flow classes. In her classes she offers students a chance to get out of their heads and in to their hearts through laughter, supportive assists, and encouragement. Learn more about Erin below. 

Name:  Erin Price

Years practicing Yoga: 12 years Meet Our Community - Erin Price | Village Yoga

Years teaching Yoga: 6 months

Why do you teach? To stay connected with this beautiful yoga community on the Outer Banks, to give and receive positive energy and love, to make connections with like minded people and to deepen my own practice by offering varied and unique classes.

What’s your favorite kind of class to teach and why? I love to teach a multi level class, there is a great exchange of energy and we have fun! It is also available to yogis of all levels and styles.

Describe your personal practice…

My personal practice is predominately vinyasa, I love to flow from asana to asana with smooth transitions. Often though I am stopped mid flow by a 2 year old that loves to ride on my back during namaskars. I fit in my practice where I can when I can and some days not at all but yoga is always on my mind and even if I’m not doing a physical practice I am still practicing other limbs of yoga.

What does Yoga mean to you?

To me yoga means finding union between my mind and body, allowing me to remain present. It allows me to connect on a deeper level with people and nature. Yoga means positivity, love and light, happiness and joy.

When your not practicing yoga, you’re…

Spending time with my family, traveling, dreaming of good things to come.

Who or what inspires you?

I am most inspired by Jess and Katie and their commitment to Kunga and our yoga community. I sort of lost my way in yoga until I found their studio, they brought me back into yoga in a big way. So much that I completed my teacher training with Wilmington Yoga studio and Jess and Katie. The experience has forever changed my life.

Tell us a unique fact about yourself

Ha Ha!! There are so many……