Ashley Lynaugh

When Ashley Lynaugh found yoga, she started to experience mindfulness for the first time, bringing calmness to mind she sought for. What had started as a physical practice, quickly evolved into an inner development. She began to feel a sense of purpose, creating harmony in the life she’d longed for. It sparked the transformation into the woman you meet today.

Since embracing yoga and forming a steady practice, she took a step to deepen her knowledge by enrolling in a 200hr certification in Kunga Yoga through Village Yoga studying under Katie Kennis & Jess Moody. She registered with the yoga alliance in 2018 and has been teaching ever since. Ashley teaches an approach to yoga, rather than a style and believes in using yoga as a path of service.

500RYT Outer Banks yoga teacher

Ashley continues to learn and grow and has completed a Yoga Nidra certification under Aiyana Athenian & Krishna Peter Perry through the ShivaShakti School of Yoga and the Healing Arts (Swami Satyananda Saraswati lineage). She has earned a certification in Kunga Hands-On Assisting with Noelle Whittington. She has studied Barre with Denise DeCarlo. She completed her 300YTT in June 2021 in the Authentic Movements school with Stephanie Gongora, Erin Kelly, and Bianca Scalise.

Ashley hopes to spread knowledge on all 8 limbs of yoga and the power of its entirety. She is privileged to teach this modern style of yoga while honoring the roots and foundations of this ancient practice. She strives to appreciate, not appropriate, and continues to learn while remaining a student first. Her classes are built around meditation, breath awareness, and dynamic movements. She has created the AromaFlow and developed workshops cultivating community and mindfulness.  Ashley hopes to empower all humans through her teachings and encourages practice within. She values integrity, education, compassion, and connection.

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Join Ashley at 2pm, the first Sunday of every month for a guided journey. We will begin with a grounding meditation and yoga flow to tune into our personal practices and feelings.

Immerse yourself into an all-inclusive, Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle Teacher Training on North Carolina’s beautiful, Outer Banks!