December Kunga Yoga Theme: 10 minutes of savasana




“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” ~Lily Tomlin

Relaxation is one of the primary benefits of a hatha yoga practice, as well as one of the sweet gifts of life itself. When our body and mind is relaxed and at ease, we can function optimally, allowing a balanced, calm and harmonious state throughout.

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3 Beginner Meditation Tips


The benefits of meditation practices are being talked about more in the science and medical communities and, thankfully, becoming more mainstream. We all know that meditation can benefit us in more ways than one. . .but how do you actually meditate?! This page includes 3 beginner meditation tips that are appropriate for all levels and backgrounds.


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5 Tips For People New To Yoga On The Outer Banks!

5 Tips For People New To Yoga On The Outer Banks

At Village Yoga we enjoy taking a light hearted approach...laughing is a part of yoga!

We’ve all heard about the benefits of yoga, but if you’ve never tried yoga it can seem pretty scary at first. You might be feeling nervous or self-conscious about trying out yoga, but remember! We were all new at some point.

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Meet Our Community – Kerri Conning Chik

Outer Banks Yoga Teacher - Kerri ChikKerri joined our community last year and brings a unique richness of energy to the studio and community. She is one of the co-founders, and yoga teacher, of a local girls empowerment group on the Outer Banks. Her classes are open and free allowing students space to find just what they’re looking for. Kerri teaches on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 and subs regularly. Learn more about Kerri below. . .

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Beach Yoga – The Outer Banks Never Felt So Good!

June 10th – Beach Yoga – The Outer Banks Never Felt So Good! There are so many ways to enjoy the Outer Banks, but we think it’s pretty safe to say that our beautiful beaches are the main reason we’re all here. If you love the beach, and you love Yoga, then you’ve come to …

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Meet Our Community – Carly Osmon

Carly is a dedicated yoga student, and committed to being a teacher on her yoga mat and locally as a 1st grade teacher. The peace and calmness that she finds in her own practice shines bright in her teaching. Whether it be a heated power class or a gentle practice, Carly always shows up with a smile on her …

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