Kunga Yoga Monthly Theme – November 2015 – Expressing Gratitude with Non-Violent Communication

The intention of this month’s Kunga theme is to learn to express gratitude using the model for appreciation within the methods of “Nonviolent Communication”. Nonviolent Communication was developed by psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. The NVC model is a concrete set of tools that help us to manifest mindfulness in our lives. Practicing Nonviolent Communication relates …

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Chair Yoga Sequence For The Spine

tt_chair_yogaWe sit, a lot. All of us do it…we sit in our cars, on our couches, at our desks, in our beach chairs (the best kind of sitting!), and at tables while eating. It’s part of our culture in the west, and for some of us we might not have even thought about sitting on the floor in years, even decades! I’ve even heard sitting described as the new “smoking”. It causes tightness in our hips, rounding through our spine,  and tension in the neck, just to name a few.

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5 Tips For People New To Yoga On The Outer Banks!

5 Tips For People New To Yoga On The Outer Banks

At Village Yoga we enjoy taking a light hearted approach...laughing is a part of yoga!

We’ve all heard about the benefits of yoga, but if you’ve never tried yoga it can seem pretty scary at first. You might be feeling nervous or self-conscious about trying out yoga, but remember! We were all new at some point.

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Kunga Yoga Theme – August

August Kunga Theme – The ABC’s of Yoga Acceptance • Balance • Connection As yoga practitioners in the west, we learn much about asana, the spine, the benefits of the physical practice to our cardiovascular, respiratory, & nervous systems. As we work to learn, integrate and share the benefits of our practice off the mat, …

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Meet Our Community – Allie Clupper

Allie is a gentle soul with a strong practice! She loves teaching Yin and gentle styles of yoga but also loves to challenge herself and students during flow style practices. She received her 200-hour certification in Asheville, NC and is currently working towards her 500-hour certification while learning from experienced teachers such as Leslie Kaminoff. Allie has training in many different styles of yoga, and Ayurveda. Allie teaches a variety of yoga classes at Village Yoga year around. Learn more about Allie below…

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Meet Our Community – Erin Price

When Erin joined our team in January of 2015 we were thrilled. Her love for our Kunga family is authentic and deep, and her teaching supports our vision of people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds practicing yoga together. Erin completed the first 200-hour Kunga Yoga Lifestyle & Yoga Teacher Training Outer Banks Immersion in September …

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