Tish Vincent

Tish Vincent is the Founder of Lotus & Lentils, catering, education, consulting, and private cheffing business based in Durham, NC. She is also a mother, grandmother, yoga teacher, and runner, with a passion for nature, travel, and connection through meals made with love. After losing both of her parents to cancer when Tish was in her early twenties, she sought to make lifestyle and dietary changes that would ensure her chances for the healthiest life possible. This journey has led her to research in-depth the extraordinary human body, its miraculous functions, and how to best support them; the journey continues.

Retreat Chef

Tish is a registered 200 Hour yoga teacher, completing her yoga teacher training in 2015 with Rebecca Niamtu through the Yoga for the Planet school. Her practice and study of the ethical precepts of yoga along with her personal values led her to consider how her lifestyle could have a positive impact for the planet, its people, and the animals. When teaching yoga classes, Tish invites her students to be compassionate to themselves and have fun!

Tish began transitioning away from the “Standard American” lifestyle and way of eating in 2007, incorporating more whole foods, from organic (as much as possible) sources. Her knowledge of food began with years spent in the kitchen with her mother, and over two decades working in restaurants and foodservice management. These life experiences, combined with Tish’s love for people and passion for the environment, motivated her to share her passion with others through her kitchen. 

Her personal values, combined with her years of experience and background in the food industry became the catalyst for Lotus & Lentils. 

She prepares exciting and delicious meals made with a focus on local, organic, whole foods. While chopping and cooking, she purposefully infuses every meal with love. Sharing her love of cooking, teaching cooking classes, and connecting with people while doing so are some of her greatest passions.