Are you looking to add a bit more to your wellness routine or possibly looking for a place to start? Our experienced team at Village Yoga is trained to support you in your journey!

Ayurvedic Health Coaching is a great way to get started with a daily routine to cultivate a more balanced lifestyle with supportive accountability and more. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to build strength, stability and balance, personal training sessions are designed specifically for you and your needs. Feeling the stresses and weight of the world? Reiki is an ancient approach that can be used to find a sense of rest and relaxation as well as bring balance throughout your energetic body.

Ayurveda Health Coaching

VY Wellness - Ayurveda Health Coaching with Olivia Lifsey

With Olivia Lifsey – Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, 200ERYT, 500RYT, YACEP

Personal Training

VY Wellness - Personal Training with Denise DeCarlo

With Denise DeCarlo – Exercise Physiologist, 500RYT, 200ERYT


VY Wellness - Reiki with Janine Forbes

With Janine Forbes – Reiki I & II