Janine Forbes

Janine started practicing yoga in 2006. While practicing Savasana, she fell in love with meditation, leading her to adopt a daily meditation practice. Mediation has offered her miracles of insight; knowing; time spent with the Divine, and this is her greatest blessing. She was led to Reiki through meditation.

our REIKI Master

During her meditations, her hands get intensely hot; they tingle and burn. After consulting with other folks who meditate, she was told that those sensations are the flow of healing energy, “Reiki” and that she should investigate using it to help others.

She recently received her Reiki Master attunements from Reiki Master Shree Fulcher, at Ascension Studio in Kill Devil Hills.  Janine looks forward to helping you find balance throughout your system, as well as having an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Janine’s other loves are spending time with her family and friends, sailing, reading, gardening, and cooking.

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