Kevin Krause

Kevin was very athletic and active his whole life but didn’t find yoga until well into his fifth decade on the planet. Kevin’s wife introduced him to yoga in 2012 and he slowly progressed from practicing one to two days a week to his current practice of four to five times. He describes yoga as a complete exercise regimen that brings together strength, balance, flexibility and cardio – with the added and important benefit of connecting the breath, mind, body and spirit. Kevin attributes yoga for helping him maintain a healthy and active lifestyle as he ages.

Kevin Krause: Outer Banks Yoga Teacher at Village Yoga in Duck, NC


Kevin completed the Veda Del Soul 200-hour teacher training at Village Yoga. Teachers who have greatly influenced Kevin’s yoga journey have included, Rachel Wilson, Jordan Flowers, Charlee Austin, Katie Kennis, Jess Moody and Olivia Lifesy.

Kevin and his wife split their time between Mechanicsburg, PA and Duck. They both are semi-retired and enjoy hosting the family in Duck, traveling to California routinely to see their first grandchild, and enjoying exercise and some increased downtime from their previous hectic work schedules.

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