Goodnight Moon

It is New Years Eve and as the clock approaches midnight we become enchanted with excitement at the infinite possibilities and freshness this New Year will bring.

It is spring and while the darkness of winter fades into the light and life of spring we are told it’s a time for ‘spring cleaning.’ We clean out our closets, we detox our bodies, we clear out the old making way for the freshness of this brand new season.

Now, what if I told you there was a way to have this sense of fresh starts, of new beginnings, a way to have intention setting, to have release, shedding and introspection not once or twice a year but EVERY two weeks!

Well there is, and it is Miss Luna that guides us there.

Tides and Moons Effect

Now before you write this off as a hippy dippy thing lets talk a bit about the science behind the moon and its effects.

The moon, though smaller has TWO TIMES the effects on the Ocean’s tides then the sun. The moon affects the tides and pulls of the What does this mean for us personally? Well, considering the fact that the human adult is composed of up to 60% water it is safe and the moon has the ability to affect the vast amount of water that creates our beautiful Ocean, it is safe to say that the moon can effect the water within our own bodies as well. ( H.H. Mitchell Journal of Biological Chemistry 158). Rituals

Regardless of your belief in the moon’s effects on you, the lunar cycles can serve as a guide for self-reflection and personal intention. Using the phases of the moon as a guide can serve as a ritual. Just like how on Sundays maybe you and your fam jam all go for a hike and eat pancakes together or every birthday you skydive. These are all rituals. Holidays. Following the lunar cycles and its practices has the ability to add a little more celebration into your beautiful and wondrous life!

How to Incorporate Luna in your life: The Breakdown 

New Moon: Set Your Intentions

As this is the start of the lunar cycle it is the start of a new cycle for us as well. On the evening of a New Moon write out your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Make sure to write out the intentions as though they have already come into fruition. For example instead of writing ‘I will have finished the painting’ or ‘I will learn to love myself’ we write’ I have completed the painting’ and ‘I love myself.

Waxing Moon: Take Action on those Intentions!

During this phase leading up to that big, full, beautiful mamma of a moon it is a time to act (see this ain’t all hippy magic – there’s even work involved!) As the moon grows to its fullness our intentions have a chance to ripen and develop. This is the time to put in the time, the effort the energy towards the fulfillment of your intentions. For example if the intention is the painting maybe you allot 20 minutes a day to sitting in front of the canvas.

Full Moon: Manifest

When the moon reaches fullness our intentions do the same. At this point the intentions have the potential to reach their fruition, their completion. Following the full moon, the moon wanes which initiates a release cycle. Because of this feeling of shedding or release it is common to have a fire ceremony on the night of the full moon to initiate this process. Write out the thoughts and blocks that came up as you attempting to complete your intentions of the new moon. Release and throw them into the fire, releasing them from your mind, body and soul.

Waning Moon: Release

As the moon begins to shed, becoming smaller and smaller eventually surrendering into complete darkness we too have a chance to peel off and shed layers of ourselves.  This is a time to clear out and let go, leading up to the freshness that will come of the new moon. This period is a great time to go within, it is less about action and more about simply being and reflecting on what has come, what has been and where you want to go.

Happy Mooning y’all <3


Written by Sophie Trottier