Experiencing low back pain?  Try these simple 5 movements!

The low back is a sensitive area for a majority people at some point during their lives. There are many causes for low back pain: sitting at a desk all day, a weak core, poor posture, and more. If your low back pain is more of a general achiness or discomfort practicing some gentle yoga can help relieve tightness and give you relief in the low back.

We recommend moving through each of these postures slowly to feel the benefits:

Bird Dog 

▴ Start in a table top position

▴ Draw the navel towards the spine engaging the core

▴ Extend the R leg, extend the L arm

▴ Hold for three to five breaths

▴ Release and  switch sides


Cat Pose- Marjaryasana

▴ Start in a table top position

▴ As you exhale press the mat away

▴ Round through the shoulders and the mid and upper back

▴ Hold and breathe or move to cow pose



Cow Pose – Bitilasana

▴ Start in table top or cat pose 

▴ Inhale to drop the belly and lift the heart and gaze forward

▴ Hold and breathe or move back to cat pose

▴ Repeat as many rounds as you like



Child Pose – Balasana

▴ Start from a table position

▴  Exhale to bring the sit-bones to the heels

▴ Extend the arms out in front of you

▴ Release the head to the mat or a prop to support the neck

▴ Breathe and hold for 1-3 minutes


Low Cobra – Bhujangasana 

▴ From your stomach bring your palms along the rib cage

▴ Draw the elbows towards the side body

▴ Inhale to press into the hands and lift your chest away from the ground

▴ Keep the feet pressing down and the back of the neck long

▴ Hold for a round of breath and repeat as needed


Want to learn more?  Join us in one of our Basic or Gentle Yoga classes, offered daily!  Check out our schedule here.

These postures and tips are tools to help support a healthy spine and should be practiced mindfully.  If experiencing any spinal injury, please consult your physician first!