What Is Kunga Yoga?

You may have seen, or heard, the word “Kunga” here at Village Yoga, but what does “Kunga” actually mean?

Outer Banks Kunga Yoga | Homes of Hope
‘Kunga’ is a Kinyarwandan word that means “to help” or “to serve”. Inspired by a group of children that survived the Rwandan genocide, Kunga Yoga is an approach to Yoga, rather than a style of Yoga. The Kunga Yoga community believes in using Yoga as a path of service. Most importantly, serving ourselves with the time we spend on our yoga mat. As we explore the practice deeper, we may start to recognize how we can also better serve others. As we strengthen our own container through Yoga, we are more capable to bring our practice off of the mat and in to our world.
Outer Banks Kunga Yoga | Homes of Hope

There will not ever be a difference physically between a Kunga class and any other class at Village Yoga. The difference is in the intention of the class. We use monthly Kunga Yoga themes to inspire a practice that is beyond our physical asana practice. During Kunga Yoga classes we encourage students to take their practice off of the mat and offer it in whatever way will better serve themselves, Outer Banks Kunga Yoga | Homes of Hopetheir environment, and their community. Some examples of Kunga monthly themes are 10 minutes of shavasana, expressing gratitude using non-violent communication, the power of positive thinking, and motivational music, to name of a few.

In honor of our service based practice, Village Yoga chooses to donate a minimum of 5% of the proceeds from each Kunga class, and 100% of proceeds from special community events. So far our proceeds have helped support the Homes Of Hope in India, which are orphanages for girls rescued from domestic child slavery, the sex trade, and extreme poverty.

To learn more about Kunga Yoga, participate in any of the classes with the word ‘Kunga’ in the name. We also hold fundraisers and community events that support these efforts. Outer Banks Kunga Yoga | Homes of Hope

To learn more about Homes Of Hope in India visit: http://www.homeofhopeindia.org