Meet Our Community – Carly Osmon

Carly is a dedicated yoga student, and committed to being a teacher on her yoga mat and locally as a 1st grade teacher. The peace and calmness that she finds in her own practice shines bright in her teaching. Whether it be a heated power class or a gentle practice, Carly always shows up with a smile on her face and brings a sense of sweetness to the studio. Carly teaches a variety of classes at Village Yoga year around. Learn more about Carly below…


Name: Carly OsmonMeet Our Community - Carly Osmon | Village Yoga

Years practicing Yoga: I have practiced here and there for many years but I really dedicated myself to a daily practice about two and a half years ago. It has changed my life tremendously with how I perceive life and handle situations in my daily life. It has brought so many positive people and energy into my life!

Years teaching Yoga: I have been teaching for a little over a year now…and I love it!

Why do you teach? I love to teach because I get to meet so many wonderful people! My students give me so much joy and energy to keep coming up with creative new classes. I am also a lifelong yoga student and teaching has helped me deepen my practice beyond measure. Having to analyze your movements and think about sequencing a practice together for students is a lot more thought provoking than you may imagine. You consider which parts of the body are going to be fed by the asanas and how Meet Our Community - Carly Osmon | Village Yogastudents will feel when the practice is over. Overall, teaching is an aspect of yoga and I am so blessed to have earned my license and have the opportunity to teach at Village Yoga!

What’s your favorite kind of class to teach and why? It is so hard to say which class is my favorite to teach. I love to teach an array of classes because when you are teaching all different kinds it keeps you on your toes! For example, teaching a gentle class often requires creating a sequence of poses that incorporates lots of props and subtle movements on the mat to gently bring space in the body to all levels of practitioners. I really love to slow it down in these classes and bring a calm, tranquil, feeling into the space with music and movement. However, I also love to teach a multilevel class where the abilities can range from beginner to more advanced. This class really gives the teacher the opportunity to work in all the different aspects of a pose that a student can take. It is up to the student to bring more awareness to their own body and practice to decide where to hold off or go deeper. It is really awesome to look around the room in these classes because in one moment students can all be exhibiting a broad spectrum of levels in a certain pose. Some students may be inverted, bound, some in the traditional form of the pose, while others are being assisted into a version that incorporates props to give more comfort, enhanced posture, or stability.

Describe your personal practice…In my personal practice I strive to hit the mat at least once a day. My mind becomes so clear and my body so relaxed when I allow myself some time within those four corners to meditate or move into a sequence of asanas. I thoroughly enjoy attending classes at Village Yoga and am a regular participant there when I am not teaching. I do not discriminate when it comes to which kind of class to attend as I feel that all yoga feeds the body, mind, and soul! There are definitely times when I want to build more heat and others when I want to move slow and take it down a notch. The great thing is there is always a class and a teacher that I can find to suite those needs! Meet Our Community - Carly Osmon | Village Yoga

What does Yoga mean to you? Yoga is appreciating all that you have and being grateful for everyday blessings. Yoga is living in the present moment. Yoga is your breath, your body, your heart and being thankful that they are working together to give you life and share love with those around you.

When your not practicing yoga, you’re…I grew up in Nags Head and I just love soaking up all of the beautiful views this area has to offer. My family and friends are extremely important to me so spending as much quality time with them is crucial. Whether I am taking a walk on the beach with my dad and looking for beach glass treasures or riding my bike along the sound I feel so happy living and working on the Outer Banks!

Who or what inspires you? The memory of my mother really inspires me to reach all of my goals and find happiness in life. She was a huge supporter of my dreams and continues to help motivate me when I aspire towards new ventures. She was also a school teacher and taught here in Dare County. Her presence was radiating and I only hope to attain a similar stature in my own life.