“Serving Our Planet!” Kunga April 2016

Photo: Beth Shea http://www.inhabitots.com/fun-enlightening-ways-to-celebrate-earth-day-with-your-kids/
Photo: Beth Shea

In honor of Spring and Earth Day, April 22, the Kunga monthly service theme for April is “Serving Our Planet!”

You may ask yourself, how can I serve Momma Earth? It really isn’t all that hard, or require that much energy!

You could:

^ Take your yoga and meditation practice outside.
^ Cut your heat down a few degrees, and use a sweater or blanket.
^ Cut your a/c up a few degrees… do you really need it that cold in your house?
^ If you’re going to be away from your house for the day or the week, why not bump the heat way down or the air a little warmer than normal?
^ Keep your blinds closed during the warmest parts of the day to keep your house cooler.
^ Close off vents and doors to unused rooms.
^ Turn the water off while scraping your tongue and brushing your teeth. (I’m still trying to break this habit- ah! I know!!)
^ Perhaps taking shorter showers with cooler water. Your skin and hair will probably thank you!
^ If you are like me and never seem to remember your reusable bags, use the paper bags as trash bags! No need for paying for the plastic ones.
^ Unplug electric cords that aren’t being used (ie. printers, chargers, rarely used lights, etc.) I realize somethings always have to be plugged in, but for those that don’t, why not unplug them?
^ Replace lightbulbs and appliances with high efficiency/ energy saving options.
^ Maybe start a compost for your garden with your food scraps or begin making your own veggie broth!
^ Start a carpool or walk or ride your bike to work, the store, the gym, or yoga studio!

Whether you live near a beach or a park, maybe the city, or a small town; there are plenty of things that you can do to help!

On your next walk, why not bring a bag and pick up trash from the road or beach? See! Super simple stuff!

Little things go a long way, maybe you take this whole list and hit the floor running, or perhaps you really enjoy your long hot showers, and add only a few things into your daily routine… it ALL helps! Maybe you tell a friend and then they tell another friend… The cycle continues and Momma Earth will be oh, so very happy- and Hey! You might, too!

Check out what your community has to offer for Earth Day, if you don’t find anything, maybe start your own offering! Organize a neighborhood or beach clean up, it doesn’t have to be big.

If you are here on the Outer Banks, The Outer Banks Brewing Station has their annual OBX Cares Fundraiser on Friday, April 22, 2016.

Click Here for more information on “Serving Our Planet”

“Kunga” is a Kenyerwandan word meaning “to serve or help”. The mission of all Kunga Yoga programs is to offer the teachings of yoga as a path of service to the planet, it’s people, and all beings.

The heart of all Kunga Yoga programs is to encourage, inspire, and support healthy living, community building, volunteering, and positive activism. We chose this word in honor of the first group of children that we had the honor of working with, the Mizero orphans of the Rwandan genocide. Our mission is supported by three primary models: Kunga Yoga Teacher Training School: 200 & 500 Hour programs, Kunga Journeys service-based yoga retreats, and Kunga Yoga public classes.

The vision of Kunga Yoga is to connect cultures by inspiring and training individuals to approach their yoga practice and lifestyle choices as an opportunity to serve others, to encourage healthy communities, and to inspire positive activism. Our vision is to connect volunteers, donors, yoga students, and yoga teachers with local and international communities in need.

Written by: Charlee Ulmer