Meet our Presenter: JJ Cook at Village Yoga!

What do we love about living in a destination beach town?  Visitors- from all around the world, especially guest presenters! North Carolina native, now LA Yogi, JJ Cook will be visiting Village Yoga and offering Master Classes & PlayShops this July 18th – July 20th. Who is JJ and what is he offering while visiting our unique little sandbar? We thought you’d like to know, so we asked JJ a few questions about himself and what he has to share.

–  In less than 20 words, who are you? I am a brother, a son, a friend, a competitor, a basketball fanatic, a music junkie, forever a student and a sharer of yoga.
– When and Why did you start practicing yoga? I started practicing yoga 8 years ago to compliment the training I was doing for basketball at the time and I fell in love with the practice.
– What are we going to learn while you are here? While I am at Village Yoga we will have three full days of asana studies designed to create meaningful break throughs in your practice. I will be leading three vinyasa flow classes and three workshop style classes that I am calling playshops. Each class will have a different focus. The three flow classes will be balanced full body practices with each class having a particular focus.  Holy Hamstrings, Twist and Shout (Hips and Twists), and Got Core? will be the Vinyasa based practices. The three workshop style classes will focus on backbends, inversions, and arm balances. Sessions are accessible to ALL levels of students. You will leave with a deeper more expansive practice and know how to continue growth in the context of your own limits and boundaries.
– Why do you teach yoga? I teach yoga because this practice has changed my life and I can’t help but want to share the life altering benefits of this practice.
– What is your favorite aspect of teaching yoga?  My favorite aspect of teaching yoga is community.
– Anything else you would like to add? I am looking forward to my time in the Outer Banks with Village Yoga!!!


Learn more about JJ and his upcoming Master Classes & PlayShops at Village Yoga.

Huge thanks to JJ for taking time to answer these questions and sharing his passion with us!