Beat the Heat this Summer with Ayurveda

Here we are, more than half-way through July, and it is hot. We’ve gathered and prepared 5 tips for you to beat the heat this summer with Ayurveda (“the science of life”).

According to Auyrveda, Pitta qualities are highest in the months of summer, where fire and water are most dominant in nature and in our own bodies.  Some of these qualities are: hot, sharp, light, liquid, oily, and may put off a sour odor.  Studying and practicing Ayurveda, we learn “like attracts like” and “when out of balance, do the opposite.”

  1. Diet: Adjust your diet so that you eat more “cooling” foods, such as cucumbers, parsley, melons, coconut, sprouts and leafy greens. This will help soothe your inner fire.  Try to avoid hot and heavy foods such as caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, stews, and chilies, as these turn up your inner fire- possibly causing irritability or digestive issues.
  2. Coconut Oil: Where sesame oil is great to use for oil pulling in the cooler months to add warming qualities to our bodies, coconut oil is best for summer months to help cool ourselves down.  It may also benefit you to use coconut oil while cooking or practicing self massage or “abhyanga.”
  3. Sun and Moon: Adjust your schedule (or as much as you can) to the daylight and moonlight.  Maybe you stay up later than you typically would in the fall or winter.  Avoid being in the sun from the peak hours of 10am to 3pm, when Pitta qualities are at their highest.  Practice/play/partake in outdoor sports or activities in the morning or in the afternoon. Take a moonlit walk, enjoy the cooling energy of the night.
  4. Yin: Heat building or Yang practices (ie. vinyasa, warm or hot yoga) tend to build up pitta qualities.  Try adding more yin/cooling classes or postures to your yoga practice.  “Give yourself permission to do less and acheive less!” We offer a wide range of yoga classes at Village Yoga, see what works best for you!
  5. Kick Back and Relax: Especially living in a location that thrives off of all that the Summer Season has to offer, it is very difficult to simply “relax.”  So much to do, people to see, sun to be gotten, it’s easy to forget about self-care!  When, really that’s what gets us through, that’s what life is about.  Have fun, socialize, workout, eat the foods you love- but also give yourself permission to take a nap, rest inside on the really hot days, say “no” to events that you are not interested in. Love yourself, enjoy yourself.

I’ll invite you to pick and choose, see how things go for you:  “Life is one big experiment!”  Ayurveda has been around for over 5,000 years and it’s methods and techniques are tried and true.  How do you practice Ayurveda in your daily life?  Would you like to learn more about this ancient science and how to use it in today’s world?  Join Katie Silcox, author of NY Times Best Seller “Happy, Healthy, Sexy,” at Village Yoga this Fall!  She’ll be here for a full weekend of workshops and awesomeness. Click Here to reserve your spot today!


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